Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Really Should Blog More Often

So, the musical went well, despite me losing my voice on the last performance. (Apparently it made me sound more witchy.) Phenomenal even. We had record-breaking sales and attendance. I get recognized in the hallways now.
I miss it so much. I miss my drama family. Yes, that right, family. We really bonded this time. I've been involved with drama and band for three years and yearbook for two, and I have never experienced the family feeling I felt with this cast.
There were no cliques, no defined lines.
We were one big happy family.
And Sunday was the first day I spent without seeing any of them.
No Tony, no Mike, no Brad, no Jake.
No Tim, no Ashley, no Monica, no Kara.
No Lexi, no Sara, no Nick and Aleshia.
No Kaitlyn.
No Mrs. Hill.
Yeah, needless to say I was very crabby that day.
I mean, I would look at the clock and it would be 7:30 and I wasn't on stage. I wasn't green. It felt so weird. I was uncomfortable. It seemed to be a feeling shared with the entire cast because we all went to Facebook and chatted it up until about 9:30--right when the show would have ended.
I was so glad to go to school today, so I could at least see some of the cast.
But I hardly saw Tony and Brad, and I didn't see Tim, Mike, and Jake at all. It felt so weird. I made a point to go see Mrs. Hill though. She works up in the Bridges building, which the rest of Seckman is supposed to pretend doesn't exist. I was getting a quote for my yearbook spread, so it's not like I went up there just to visit. Haha.
Hey, after someone paints you green for two weeks in a row, you grow attached!
We are all supposed to get together Wednesday to watch the recording and sign the banner and stuff, and hopefully it won't be the last of our "family reunions."


I met five amazing people.
The boys became my shoulders,
On which to laugh and cry.
He became my hug,
That I grew to need every night.
Sister was my sister,
Rosemary Clooney song and all.
And she
became that calm voice all need to hear
Directed to no one else at all.

I met so many amazing people.
Brothers and sisters
Friends and lovers
And somehow
I think no one will forget
It's like this is stone-set

I will not forget the amazing people.
Not the five
Not anyone else
I will remember this
If I forget all else.

We will never again be the same people.
Some will leave
Though some will stay.
We will never be what we were again
Though we will never forget those days.

It was pain.
It was joy.
It was work.
It was more.
It was life.
Or lack thereof.
It was something in all things above.

This is a ridiculous
Ranting of a poet
Tired and crazy.
And she doesn't even know it.
But my heart still beats of those days
And I don't want that to go away.

I met five amazing people.
I will not lose the boys
Who became my shoulders
On which to laugh and cry
Or He who became my hug
That I grew to need every night
I will not lose Sister who became my sister
Rosemary Clooney song and all
And I will not lose her
The calm voice that all need to hear
Directed to no one else at all.