Friday, July 24, 2009

As I Wait For Eggs To Boil

I dunno why, but I really have a craving for egg salad.

Anyway, I got really close to the conclusion of my quest to defeat Meatloaf. But then I bought Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children--Complete and now I am finding it hard to resume my quest. I mean, I already know how it ends, Aeris already died, I found out why Cloud is so freaking moody. So really, is there any need to continue?
I am such a slacker.

Yearbook camp was great. Me, Madz and Becca came up with a killer theme: "NOW is the Time".

I started going to this bible study group out of the Callahan church (Eagle Point). All seems well right now, but I've only been there two times. I wonder when I will really start to cause problems.

I currently hold all the top records on Wii Fit. Yes, and I am a crippled.

Pit camp starts Monday, and (hopefully) so will the filming of my new documentary. God willing.

Psst Don't tell anybody, but I'm kinda excited to head back to school.


You came, you left.
And all I had was a glimpse.
Partly your fault, partly chance.
But mostly me and my shaky hands,
Unable to grasp a telephone.
But at least I know now
That I am just as alive to you
As you are to me.
If only I could now tell the truth.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fine--You Got Me

I haven't resumed my battle with Meatloaf. It's irritating. But I am attending Yearbook Camp which is somewhat entertaining. We are getting a lot accomplished.


lol God.
Freaking funny.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

As Meatloaf Massacres the Land...

So, my break from fighting Sephiroth is turning out to be a lot longer than preferred. I am in Alabama, which means no FFVII. That also equals a somewhat miffed Natalie. But it's alright, I'm dealing. I have a FFVII desktop background now to help me cope. Christopher and I are now referring to Sephiroth as 'Meatloaf'. (It was a long process to come to that--first it was Sephirloaf, then Supperloaf, then Meatloaf.) But anyway, things are good-ish.


Last night, instead of sleeping,
I thought.
And thought.
And thought.
I decided to plead a little.
Then a lot.
I am broken and you are the missing piece.
I just want that back.
I figure it's not that much to ask.
Especially since I'm like Bella in New Moon.
Except Jacob just doesn't exist.
That's right, I've got a gaping hole.
Okay, maybe not to that severity.
But the idea is conveyed, is it not?
I've realized all too late my mistake.
I simply ask to correct it.
I mean, you couldn't come in my life just to leave me in such a way.
You mean too much for that.
And I think the Powers That Be realize that.
Hopefully, my request will be granted.
After all, I've promised anything and everything.


Alabama is great for the first time in a long time.
But I still want to fight Meatloaf.