Saturday, July 4, 2009

As Meatloaf Massacres the Land...

So, my break from fighting Sephiroth is turning out to be a lot longer than preferred. I am in Alabama, which means no FFVII. That also equals a somewhat miffed Natalie. But it's alright, I'm dealing. I have a FFVII desktop background now to help me cope. Christopher and I are now referring to Sephiroth as 'Meatloaf'. (It was a long process to come to that--first it was Sephirloaf, then Supperloaf, then Meatloaf.) But anyway, things are good-ish.


Last night, instead of sleeping,
I thought.
And thought.
And thought.
I decided to plead a little.
Then a lot.
I am broken and you are the missing piece.
I just want that back.
I figure it's not that much to ask.
Especially since I'm like Bella in New Moon.
Except Jacob just doesn't exist.
That's right, I've got a gaping hole.
Okay, maybe not to that severity.
But the idea is conveyed, is it not?
I've realized all too late my mistake.
I simply ask to correct it.
I mean, you couldn't come in my life just to leave me in such a way.
You mean too much for that.
And I think the Powers That Be realize that.
Hopefully, my request will be granted.
After all, I've promised anything and everything.


Alabama is great for the first time in a long time.
But I still want to fight Meatloaf.

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