Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Guess You Just Aren't Up To Par

First and foremost, I want to say that I am soooooo proud of Jordan and the rest of The Polar Pops for winning Battle of the Bands! AHHHHHH!!!

But really, I think Battle of the Bands was an eyeopener for me.

I played in two bands.
Moonlight on the Deck - an 11-13 (not sure) piece ska band.
Living Sitcom - originally a 5 piece, but by the time we played a duo, with a a featured conga player on one song.

I am beginning to realize a few things. I mean, I can play guitar decently enough to be in two bands, and I have enough gumption not to back out even if everything seemed to be falling through. Colleen, Ashley, and I wanted to perform so we did. And everybody liked it! Colleen and I put an acoustic set together in two hours and added Ashley on the congas in fifteen minutes. It was so much fun. And that's what music and performing is supposed to be--fun. We were playing in a high school gym for Christ's sake. Haha, no one expects perfection.

I also want to apologize to Colleen about my "dedication" of Cowboy Casanova to Vishal. She had no idea I was going to say that so she shouldn't receive and backlash. However, I am not apologizing to Vishal. :)

Come on, bud, you knew it was funny.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Could You Believe There Was A Time When I Thought You Were Weird?

The Nashville Band/Choir Trip was amazing.
We basically won everything. Total Dominance.
Tammy's face when she won a soloist award was priceless.
Now if only she could stay that way.
Everything went without a hitch.
No stranded buses this time.

The Micaela/Vishal/Rachel/ (and as of friday Jen)/ (and as of today Colleen) thing exploded. I'm waiting to see where the pieces land before I move them.

Ah well.


It's kinda scary when I think you are mine.
And just when I thought you were ripped from me,
You came back stronger than ever.
I love you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Really Glad We Had This Talk

I had a lovely talk with my friend Jen last night. She always makes me sort things out. She always let's me talk about anything I want--anything that's on my mind. I really appreciate it.


How am I to walk away
When all you ask is for me to stay?
How am I to free my heart
When you keep falling a part?
I need someone to steal you.
Someone to draw the line.
Someone to rip you from my grasp.
Until then, you are mine.
Limit this
Stop this
Because I can't.
I just can't.


I picked out my classes for college. I'm stoked. I also went to Prom. That was fun. I mean, it was just another night with my friends. Except....there aren't too many of those left, I guess. I'll have to really pick and choose what I focus on from now on. Who I will focus on. Let's just hope I can be objective.