Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Really Glad We Had This Talk

I had a lovely talk with my friend Jen last night. She always makes me sort things out. She always let's me talk about anything I want--anything that's on my mind. I really appreciate it.


How am I to walk away
When all you ask is for me to stay?
How am I to free my heart
When you keep falling a part?
I need someone to steal you.
Someone to draw the line.
Someone to rip you from my grasp.
Until then, you are mine.
Limit this
Stop this
Because I can't.
I just can't.


I picked out my classes for college. I'm stoked. I also went to Prom. That was fun. I mean, it was just another night with my friends. Except....there aren't too many of those left, I guess. I'll have to really pick and choose what I focus on from now on. Who I will focus on. Let's just hope I can be objective.

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