Monday, March 29, 2010

"Don't Worry, I Have Abs of Steel"

I'm beginning to think 11:11 is a scam...or it has a horrible sense of humor. Is it so hard for things to pan out every once and awhile? Like really. Can't anything go right?


I lent Colleen my Dashboard Confessional cds. The music is either really couple oriented or really sad. Either one is applicable to her life right now so....I figured she need them.


When this all started
Back when snow covered to ground
I was drawn to your smile.

As time when on
More perfections were revealed
And some flaws as well.

And now I am yours
So fully yours
It is as if we are one.

But when this all started
I was drawn to your smile
I would love to see it every once and awhile.


Nora Jones is the Shit


Today, some actors held an acting workshop at my school.
I volunteered to do an exercise and killed.
I mean, I dominated.
The "Professional Actors" were impressed.
I was so happy and proud.
And then I was pissed.
I mean, I wasn't even cast in a play this year.
How is that for fair?

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