Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Even More) Current Events

Mother found out about all that has happened to Kellan. She wanted to talk about it. I did not.

I asked a boy to Prom. He was like "Sure."
But don't get too excited.
Because we are taking different large vehicles to Prom, the situation became impractical, and thus, will not occur.
I'm still happy though because at least I asked him and that is a major personal victory for me.
I mean, I haven't done anything like that since....dumbhead.
Vishal walked me through it. hahaha
Thanks Brown Kid.


If you can't say it all at once,
Then tell me in bits and pieces.
I will wait and hear you out,
And provide whatever I can.
Just be sure to smile again.


I posted a link to this on my Facebook a few days ago and I have gotten rave reviews. I mean, Mrs. Anderson read the whole thing in a morning. I guess I'm glad that my ramblings are so entertaining. Feel free to continue reading, but I am not really open to questions if you don't get a poem or a paragraph. If you don't understand what you read or you feel left were meant to. This is more of a (very public) diary for me than anything. However, if you are losing sleep over a post, I suppose you can just might not get an answer. Haha.

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