Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Is Me Taking A Break From Fighting Sephiroth

So for the majority of the day, I played Final Fantasy VII. It's really an amazing game. I love it. I can easily see why it's considered to be the greatest game of all time amongst many gamers. Plus, I'm really starting to understand Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children alot better.
I really wish that life was like that in the Final Fantasy Universe. That is to say, I wish people dressed in awesome battle gear specific to there class, carried around awesome weapons, and could cast magic as long as you had enough MP. I wish that instead of sending an army to defend us from danger, we could just find a local, conflicted but strong young person to save the world. They would be stronger than the army anyway. Once that person was identified, though out there journey, he or she would assemble a multifaceted party--each member would be equally as strong, but in a different area. Periodically, the party would run into monsters and would easily defeat each and every one, gaining experience along the way. And if by a small chance one member of the party was defeated, someone would just purchase a bit of Phoenix Down to revive the fallen comrade. I mean, seriously, wouldn't you like to a part of something like that?
Unfortunately, we do not life like that though. And that kinda sucks.


Last night I dreamed of you again.
You visited me.
It was like old times.
We were having fun.
You were complaining about how you hate where you live and wish things could be different.
Still, you had to leave.
That would have been fine, except I woke up just as you were leaving.
Consequently, I was not able to say goodbye.
How horribly ironic.
Will you ever leave me?
Will life ever stop shoving my greatest regret in my face?
I fear not.

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