Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Can't Wait

I can't wait until I'm older
So I can finally tell you all the things
I say when I'm alone
That you don't hear, but I whisper
That I sing, but you don't know are about you
That I believe so fully, but are so afraid to reveal
I can't wait to be a martyr of my own words
Because apparently
When I'm older
What I want to tell you will be better received
With open arms possibly
Because you are in worse shape than me
Or so I observe

I can't wait until these visions go away
So I can stop seeing you hurt a million times a night
So I can stop shaking, convulsing, dying
As I see your car twisted
As I see you lying in the hospital bed
Almost dead but still breathing
As I hear my friends ask if I have been crying
And as I reply that I have with more tears than before
As I see you wake to me confiding all the the things I've yet to say
Destroying the best friend I promised never to hurt
Destroying the facade I've allowed to grow
Destroying my the only thing I have left
This secret that is you

I can't wait until something comes to take my lazy eye of a mind
On to someone else and off of you.
But I what an impossibility
Because as long as the sky is blue
I will love you

This Declaration goes for two
Opposites, but two halves of the whole that is my heart


My birthday is Monday.

Twilight and my party are Friday.

I have the first season of DBZ to watch.

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