Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Sorry I Can't Manage to Blog Regularly

Really, I am.

School is good. I do nothing all day "....and I don't give a SHIT!" Haha. It's nice, I mean after having years upon years of nose to the grindstone workload, it's nice to be able to breathe.

My birthday is coming up. It's my eighteenth birthday. That makes me an adult, right? I'm considered an adult by the law. I can vote. I can fill out a credit application. I can sign up to be considered to be a tester for the new game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes, that definitely makes me an adult.

I'm listening to my Yearbook Adviser teach her one of her LA III classes. I should just admit it to myself: I'm going to be an English teacher at some point in my life. Ah, jeez.

College.....what a horrible decision for a minor to make. Good thing I'll be an adult in a few weeks, a wave of true enlightenment will then envelop me and all will become clear. Wait.....isn't that nirvana?

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