Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It Has Been Awhile

Sorry, folks, about not posting here in awhile. However, I sincerely doubt any of you were waiting with baited breath! Haha! I just wanted to share a post from one of my favorite blogs. I don't care what this looks like to any of you. The point is that this is what being good is all about. It's the little things. It's from where you don't expect it. This blog makes me laugh a lot of the time because most of the time it's pretty funny. Sometimes it gets a little raunchy, but I can deal. And sometimes it makes me feel like people are generally good, and that there is hope for life. I know that sounds hokey to some of you, and that's fine, but this is what this is for me. (Click the word "post" above and it will take you right to it.^^^)

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