Monday, February 22, 2010

American Kryptonite

I would give anything to feel how it would feel to have you love me like I love you.
You need me in a tangible sense.
And I am all to happy to deliver.
I will be at your side forever.
And will only leave if you send me away.
Because I love you, your sadness is my sadness.
But also, your happiness is my happiness.
And I must remember that.


There is this band.
Five Iron Frenzy.
They are awesome.
I love them.
I have never been so encompassed by music in my life.
Except when I went to Tegan and Sara...
That was more of a spiritual experience though.
This is like....Godly.


My mom told me yesterday (through a huge religious conversation) that she didn't know God.
I wanted to punch her.
I pointed out to her that it would be impossible for her not to know God.
How could she not know God, and go through my childhood (especially, the very beginning)?
How could she not know God, and be thankful for my brother?
She expects a relationship with God or miracles to be these...well, for lack of a better word, miraculous things when in all reality, God is in everything and miracles are everywhere.
She just needs to refocus.


Maybe I should take a chance again?
I used to do that a lot, but ever since you left, I haven't found the courage.
It hasn't been worth it.
Well, this could be something great.
Perfect even.
I mean, you knew him, he was great.
Don't you think, if anyone is worth it, he is?
So I guess, I must relearn the boldness I used to possess.
And take a chance on being whole again.
Haha, we'll see how that pans out.


I love the Olympics.
But then again, I hate them.
I mean.
Kelsey could do that shit. could go into speed skating.
Kick those Koreans asses, for sure.
Ah, well.


Tara Sue said...

I love Five Iron Frenzy! I discovered them long ago when I was maybe in 10th grade! They are Awesome!

k said...

mao did a triple axel. A TRIPLE AXEL.

kerry said...

hahaha Karlee. Okay, so maybe Kelsey couldn't be Mao, but it's possible she COULD fill the skates of some of the others...

kerry said...

Oh, and I like your blog about God. You tell her, Natalie. ;)