Friday, July 2, 2010

Bi Polar Blog!!!! Ahhh!!!!!!!

It's pretty plain to see that, despite all my social and traditional intelligence, I am, in fact, an idiot.


So yesterday (Wednesday) was quite possibly the highlight of my month. I went out with Colleen, Rachel and Jen. We saw Eclipse, but that definitely was only a small part of the greatness. It was a night with the Mini-Me's for Jen and I, and it was fantastic. I love my friends. After the movie, Colleen and I took Jen home and then I went back to her house to stay the night. Caitlyn invited us both on a church retreat at MSU. I am excited, so I hope we go. We watched The Breakfast Club (Not worth the respect it gets today, but good) and part of Julie and Julia (hilarious from what I was awake for). I spent the night on a leaky air mattress, BUT I woke up to being asked how many fried eggs I wanted and what type of toast I would prefer. Great morning start to a great day.

I was supposed to see Vatican Splendors at the History Museum, but it so crowded that we couldn't find a parking spot, so Mom and I bailed. We went to Taco Bell, an expensive thrift store (contradictory, I know), Goodwill, and....gulp....Walmart. The thrift store was weird.....just strange. At Goodwill, I got a Jack Johnson cd for a dollar, a (literally) brand new pair of shoes for three, and saw a very attractive black man that I used to go to school with. Walmart was Walmart. I hate Walmart.

Meanwhile, Jen texts me saying we got the three person room in Rauch. SCORE. When we get the mail, I have this huge packet of Lindenwood stuff waiting for me. It was great!

We got home, but then Mom had to go to VBS. SO I looked up all the books I needed for college AND learned how to restring my guitars! At some point during the night, Mom calls and tells me one of the guides for VBS backed out, so I'm taking their place.....fantastic. It's the week of the church retreat Caitlyn invited me to, so that week will be *booming voice* GOD WEEK.

When got home, we made wine food and watched the film adaptation of The Lovely Bones. It was enthralling. Mesmerizingly heartbreaking, for sure.


I need a distraction.
I need college.


There is a difference between "best" and "closest".

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