Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Case Anyone is Wondering


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT believe any of the commercials about prices being SUPER LOW right now. Because they aren't. Those SUPER LOW prices only apply to late model year gas guzzlers like Hummers and GTOs. However, older model years, regardless of mileage, are remaining the same. There are a few exceptions. Like foreign cars. But that's a completely different animal. GAH. I am operating under the assumption that I will need a car in August, so this just does not bode well for me at all.


Last night was fantastic. I want more of those.


Big V said...

what kind of car do you want and how much do you want to spend. i will find it. hahaha. i'm actually quite good at it.

Can't Jump For Joy said...

Oh, believe me, I am pretty good at it too. But basically, my only real specifications are 4WD and for it to be an SUV.

HOWEVER, my parents would like it to be priced around 8000 with around 70,000 miles. Also, it MUST be from a dealer, and it cannot be a foreign make. And even when it comes to American made cars, my dad pretty much refuses to buy Saturn, Dodge and Chrysler (even though they are all under GM) for various dad-reasons.
Good luck.

Big V said...

dodge and chrysler aren't GM haha. Jeep and Dodge are both under Chrysler. GM, now, has GMC, chevy, buick, pontiac, saturn, saab (i think they sold this) and volvo. Ford has lincoln and mercury. i'm on it, boss!

Can't Jump For Joy said...

My mistake. I just know what's American and what's not. Haha