Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Broken Mess by The Classic Crime

Love is a terrible art.
It's a hook in the heart
That can drag you through broken glass
And as you protest
The shards in your flesh
The hook tears our your chest
Until you're just a broken mess

Love is a beautiful thing
She can make your heart sing
When you're walking on broken glass
She will open your eyes
Make your heart feel alive
Point you towards the sunlight
Help you leave all this broken mess behind


Now the whole song doesn't apply, but the above lines do. Love most definitely is a double-edged sword. It can destroy you, but it can also build you back up. Sometimes it comes in the form of two people. One person you love destroys you and soon another comes along and saves you from yourself. However, I find that doesn't need a person. It just needs a memory a dream. And as that figment of your being torments you, eventually, in order to survive, miraculously you find something within you to love even more. And then you pull through, stronger with renewed faith in yourself. It's not like what you loved before wasn't right, it's just that what you love now is stronger and worth it.


Always what is best for you.
As much as want,
In the end,
It's what's best for me too.

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