Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Blogged Yesterday...and I'm Blogging...Again?

Look at me, blogging regularly! Can you believe it?!


I had people over last night for a movie night. Me, Jen, Rachel, Colleen, and Matt. Matt brought The Hangover. It was pretty funny--crude, lewd, and rude, but funny. I've known Matt for fifteen years of my life and last night was the first time he had ever been to my house. It's crazy! I really do love that guy, so much more than any of the other guys. As stupid as he is, he is never retarded like Vishal or Brett. That's definitely a plus. Haha!

By 10:30, Rachel and Jen had left. So it was just me, Colleen, and Matt. It started to storm, so Colleen opted to wait it out before she when home. They were here until 12:30 when Colleen decided just to go home. You would think that those two hours alone with them would be awkward--third wheel, three's a crowd and all that crap--but it wasn't. It actually was the favorite part of the night because I could see us doing the exact same thing ten years from now. I don't know if I could say that about anybody else. It was weird, but I loved it. Now, if only I had a guy so we could double......hahaha......come on Psychology of Religion! HAHAHAHA!!!


I want to be a band again.


This was a good move.
Not all that detrimental.
Safe enough.
And look at what I've found.

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