Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Don't Know Whether to Consider This Day Wasted or Not

I spent the entire day on the computer researching laptops. It's just plain ridiculous. It's pretty much come down to Sony or Toshiba, which is then decided by customer service. Sony already has a reputation of being...uppity, but Toshiba is no saint either. I spent several hours reading horror stories from both brands and it's not like Toshiba had any less than Sony.
I mean, it's not like I expect to have any huge problems that I won't be able to fix myself if need be, but....a reliable no lemon policy would be nice and it seems that it just doesn't exist anymore. Ah well.

I guess it just seems a little more stressful today because I also completed my Master Promissory Note for Lindenwood's financial aid office which pretty much says that once I have taken out a student loan the Department of Education owns my soul.



So, yesterday I went to two graduation parties. I had a good time. (I have to say that now because when I continue, it's going to sound like I didn't.) However, I witnessed the consequences of my actions.

I have been a big supporter of the whole Rachel and Vishal thing. This is because, I figured they have to at least get together, date, and break up so they know what it would have been like.

I also was a huge help to Matt in his pursuit of Colleen. That doesn't sound right, but I don't know how else to explain it.

So now Rachel and Colleen (best friends) have boy friends Vishal and Matt (best friends) respectively. It's a unbreakable unit of four that is totally content with just being with themselves. It's a monster. I've created (or helped anyway) a monster.


I've just been informed that Punch had to be put down. I feel awful. I feel so bad for Karlee. Words fail me.

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