Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Despite What the Quote of the Day Says

People are not meant to stand alone. It's just not right. I think there is a movie with Hugh Grant and he says he is an island, or something like that. Well, that is bullshit. If anyone is an island, it is because they are A) Scared or B) Not that way by choice. Everyone is social. Everyone needs someone that they can go to and count on. And this someone can't just be anyone. It has to be someone who doesn't have to be there. Who could leave at anytime, but chooses to spend time with you. I often played this part.

In my head, I called myself a band-aid friend. I was created to be there for people when they needed someone, to get them through shit. And when the job is done, they rip me off. It happened all the time. And I was find with it because there was always someone else who needed a band-aid.

Well, now I need a band-aid.

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