Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After The Storm

Fine, Vishal--I'll blog again! Sorry I have been busy!

--- iPod died. I bought a new one and I have never felt more refreshed in my entire life. I mean, rather than having 30gb at my disposable, I HAVE 160GB!!! AHHHHH. I am quite excited.


This week has been quite interesting thus far. Despite it's ups and downs, I am pleasantly surprised with the end result.

I could watch Avatar again and again and again.

I am exempted from my English final. Win.


This morning, during our lovely talks, I realized something: I missed the mark, again. Even if I had a shot in the beginning, it's gotten to the point that I am in the "worst" of all places with you: THE FRIEND ZONE. I'm never going to get any farther than this with you. You don't have eyes for anyone else.

But surprisingly, I am fine with that because you are a pretty awesome friend.


Vishal might come to Thanksgiving (which is at 6, btw), but probably not. It would be interesting to see what he thinks of my family.


I need to start a new book.

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