Friday, July 29, 2011

"One day I will make something I can be proud of."

That's what I say to myself as self-motivation. I intended to only post the one line, but then I realized I already did this. I published a yearbook.

Part of me feels really lost, but then part of me feels like I am finally on track again.

How do I go about this?

I just want to be thrown into a strange city with strange people and see if I can find a place there. Two years ago, I was sure I could do it. I want to see if I still can. I want to see if I still got it.

Maybe that's the problem--I am too comfortable here. It's like laying in bed for three weeks straight; eventually you really just want to get up and run around the house.

Lightning, please strike.

So, I amend my motivational statement.

One day, I will look back on these days and think: If only I had known what was waiting around the corner.

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