Friday, July 15, 2011

Year From Then

I wouldn't take back anything I said then. I know everything I felt was real and right. I know we were right. I wonder if you'll feel anything at all today. To be honest, I thought I would feel more.
I guess, contrary to what I believed, I haven't been disconnected this whole time. I've been fortifying all of it - learning the extent of the commitment I made. I feel strong today. Maybe not as bold as I was then, but I am just as solid.

I met you in the dark
With only a few matches.
You took my hand
And showed me the stars

You left when I wasn't looking
Taking all my matches too.
Then I had no choice
But to see the stars.

So I take this strength, this gift, you have given me. I accept it. Now I will use it to do what I have always been meant to do. You were part of the plan - just not as big of a part as I wanted you to be. No one is. It's only me now. Somehow I always knew it would be. I have a big heart, and I can't afford to give too much of it away - I was made to do so much more than care for you.

I used to see you from afar. Now, I can no longer afford to look. Soon, that's all you will be able to do.

A year already? I shall waste no more time.

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