Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time, Time, Time

It's time for me to stop kidding myself. It's time for me stop getting myself down. And I have to do both of those things at the simultaneously because it's time for me.


I think with a song in my head. Moments have music. But those moments also have a script and I follow it because I'm an actress, because I'm a fraud, because I'm a liar. A good liar.

It's time to use this script and my lying for something good. Time to make a lesson plan for someone else to learn from.

It's time for me to finally gain control over this voice coursing through me, these scenes behind my eyelids. It's time for me to stop talking to myself and start making others say the words.

This is it, my time. It's do or die. I'm not going to die, so look at the only choice.


And when you all return, you will not recognize the woman you left.

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