Friday, July 1, 2011


So hard not to feel this way. This is over and done with and there is nothing left to talk about because it's been almost a week. But it just hit me really that they were brought together and it was entertaining for you all. It was all laughs and smiles (albeit awkward ones). That was allowed.

Like I said, I'm trying really hard not to feel this because I know all it will do is set me back. I know it is the only thing holding me back. But it's not even about the event anymore, guys. Not at all. That ship has sailed. It's about the aftermath. Now I know all of this stems from the aftermath.


Very, very tired.

Destroyed my Chemistry test, fyi.

Went out to dinner with Mom. We need to get out more....hahaha....

I suppose I will storyboard tomorrow, whilst watching XENA!!!! I'm on the final season now and it's kind of bittersweet. Not unlike The Bitter Suite. (Inside joke with the Xena Fandom.....I suck.)

I want to have people over.

People, come over.


He looks to me to be in heaven,
that man who sit across from you
and listens near you to your soft speaking,

your laughing lovely: that I vow,
makes the heart leap in my breast;
for watching you a moment, speech fails me,

my tongue is paralysed, at once
a light fire runs beneath my skin,
my eyes are blinded, and my ears drumming,

the sweat pours down me, and I shake
all over, sallower than grass:
I feel as if I'm not far off from dying.

But no thing is too hard to bear;
for [God can make] the poor man [rich,
or bring to nothing heaven-high fortune.]


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