Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why Did I Just Now Hear Rilo Kiley? Like Couldn't Somebody Have Given Me the Heads Up?

So I finally watched that Military Reunions Caught on Tape video that has been circulating on Facebook. It made me cry, but not entirely for what it was. I mean, it was definitely moving - all those kids crying, so relieved that their parents were home - but I still managed to be all self-centered about it.

I was jealous that I have never felt what they felt - total relief and contentment with someone they had been missing or worried about. How sick is that? Sure, I feel fortunate not to have ever had to feel that way. I have never been worried about the well-being of my parents or a significant other. But I feel that I am missing out on something. Like an untapped part of a relationship.

Well, I sorta felt that way once, now that I thin about it, but things were so strained and awkward that I don't really think it counts.

It's strange because any rational person would never want to be in that sort of position, and I certainly don't want to be either, but I still want to know what that feels like.


Oh, Kelsey.


I really should be packing right now........but I like blogging and reading sooooo much more.


I got my license, but I don't have a car (and probably won't until the absolute earliest of November - and that's a long shot), and my parents still don't think I should drive anywhere anyway. Especially my father. Quote: "Why don't we just shoot her in the head, it's about the same."


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