Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jen is Rubbing Off on Me

I suppose I should admit what's going on, but I won't. This situation is far too cinematic to spoil with rational thought. And even though I am fully aware of the fact that in this type of movie, there is always a period of time where everyone is mad at the protagonist, things usually work out for the best. I'm willing to play through for the payoff--whatever that may be.


Philosophy of Religion is easily becoming the highlight of my week, I've established myself in World Lit II (Can you believe it--It's just like my World Lit Class from high school--ugh), and French is something I have come to dread.....but I will prevail. At least, that's what I tell myself.


At what point does a "philosopher" not have to support their point anymore? I mean, at what point do they go from the citer to the cited? I am only wondering because all of the stuff I've read thus far has not had a works cited page. Just a thought.


I always forget who actually reads this thing. Hahaha

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MyBlueHeaven said...

Go ahead Nats, let your intelligence shine.