Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Soulmoo, Yahmoo" Actually is "So Move, Yeah Move"

Just F.Y.I.
The beginning of the song "I Can't Take It" by Tegan and Sara from their album So Jealous is rather....inarticulate. I finally looked up the beginning today. That's what they are saying. Hahaha.
I love that song. I can't wait to make a movie and put that song in the soundtrack....... :D


Really? Again? It's getting ridiculous. I actually prayed for you to go away during Church today. I'm trying here, really, but if God is going to make low blows like that, how does He expect me to feel? I'm thinking of asking Jesus to talk to Our Father. He's being a bit unreasonable, it seems. (In this one, your mother was rooting for me....ugh.)


Someone remind me to order my books for college.

And the freaking university staff needs to answer their freaking phones!


I don't want to scare anybody off or anything, but I recently discovered that I had a follower on this blog I didn't recognize. It's probably just a family member that I was unaware of having a blog, but if it's not that's okay too. It's kinda flattering.

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