Sunday, October 3, 2010

And I Had a Feeling That I Belonged

Today was a good day.


I got up this morning around 9:30, cleaned the coffee pot and made (awesome) coffee. Then I decide to subject the bathroom to the best cleaning I could give it with the supplies and knowledge I had at my disposal. By 11:30, the bathroom was clean enough so I could take a shower. After that, I went to brunch. I ate with Kim and some people from band. It was a good time. Then I got back and resumed cleaning. (The German blood was pumping.)

By the time Ash and Jen came back (they had left yesterday afternoon), I had cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom, re-organized the main dresser, did ALL the dishes, and picked up the random trash around the room.

I was very pleased. I will not let my efforts reverse themselves.


Fast-forward about two hours.

It's the game time. Lindenwood dominated, as per usual, therefore, the actually game is rather pointless. We one 50-something to 9. Yeah....

BUT the game duration was quite fun.

Up until today, the game set up consisted of the pit sitting in front of the drumline and, consequently, going deaf. Today, when we got to the stands, we decide to sit higher up so that wouldn't happen. Once we got situated, we had about a half hour to kill before the rest of the band would return to the stands and we would be trapped until the end of the game. We decided to get food.

Well, when the rest of the band joined us in the stands, they didn't like where we were sitting and we were forced to move down. Now, despite the fact that I would no longer be sitting by Kim and Ash AND that I had to climb down the bleacher stairs WITHOUT the use of a handrail, this was still a good thing. The drumline was in front of us, so our ears were safe, and I was now sitting by Megan and Amanda (funniest pair of people ever). I was thoroughly entertained for the evening.


After the game, Ash, Jen, and Jen's family (who attended the game as well) went to LU's rootbeer kegger. Basically, it was a block party with rootbeer as the main beverage. I bought I shirt because I made the guy get dig around for it and I thought they were free and they are cool, but it was five dollars. Still, no big. I like the shirt.

There was a band there, and it's pretty funny because Jen's dad is a sound guy for bands so he is always making the weirdest facial expressions and comments during any band's performance.

I also found out that Jen's parents recorded the performance, so my mom can still see it even though she had to go camping with Christopher this weekend. Yay!

Then Jen and Ash left to go home again for various reasons. I don't care, bottomline: I am alone again tonight, so I can actually think and I get to clean the floors tomorrow! YES!


One sad thing: I have no band on Monday. At first I was pleased, but then I realized that I don't go to band on Wednesday like everyone else because of Cinema class. So really, I don't have band until Friday. Sad day. :(


This week, my favorite song is Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.


All I wanted to do was fast-forward this stage and get to the stage where I can do as I please, say as I please, be as I please with you. You smiled and laughed and spoke, but I kept putting my foot in my mouth. I had no clever words. I could not be charming. But I have time and you know me now, so this was it. My catalyst. Not as big as I expected, but definitely sufficient. My foot is in the door, so to speak.


Thank you, Jesus, for all that you have given me.

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MyBlueHeaven said...

Gosh you must have a lot of energy or should I say - SPUNK.