Friday, October 1, 2010

What If You Could Only Speak the Truth? What Would You Say?

Time doesn't wait for anyone.
There is a part in every day
Where I lie to myself
And say that it's okay
Cause if I don't I think I'll go insane.
But the truth is
I only have myself to blame.

*Today's title and first section is from The Truth by Spill Canvas


SO....on my last French test, I got a 65%, and I was totally bummed. I mean, French used to be my blow-off class. I never really had a problem with French. Therefore, that grade really derailed me. However, I knew that the reason it was so low was because I was transitioning from teaching styles AND I took a year off. I mean, M. Arons was very systematic and he taught in a way that was meant to enable a student to learn the language from the ground up. Mme. Durbin on the other hand, teaches want is used in conversation. Her main focus is vocabulary and phrases, while grammar is supposed to be picked up through out. So naturally, my vocabulary was less than expect. Of course, this was horribly frustrating because I had a better grasp of French grammar then the majority of the students, but because I didn't know as many words, it didn't seem to matter.

BUT today, I got my grade back for my second test and I got and 82%! I've never been so proud of a B in my--oh wait, when I got a B on a Trig test once, I was more excited. BUT STILL.



Today, you said it first.
I was so surprised.
I probably looked like an idiot.


So I'm watching documentary about a faction of lesbians called "Agressives". Apparently, it's like a butch except...more butch? They are following four black women and an Asian woman. Apparently, Caucasians just aren't that...butch?

I dunno, I think the minorities wanted to make another minority within a minority. Hmmm....never a level playing field.....


I want to hear your words, not read them somewhere else.
Stop protecting yourself from living.

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