Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rather Depressing

Has you iPod (when put on shuffle) every brought you to tears?


I have often thought that this would all work out in the end. That I was just biding my time until you came to my doorstep, apologized, took me by the hand to you car and we would drive until we ended up where we were supposed to be--all the while, telling me that I was right all along.

But that time never came, and I know now it will never come.

I know it's immature and irrational to hold onto something like this for so long, but when you made it seem like a matter of time anyway, how could I not?


And here it starts
The era after
The era without
Your absence will not go without notice
But it will make little difference.

Transition the heart
Make the switch
From nothing to hurt
To nothing but nerves
At least it's something new.

And here it starts.

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