Wednesday, October 13, 2010


That's what I am.
A test killer.
I destroy any test in my path.
I annihilated my French test.
And my Intro to Cinema midertm was a FREAKIN JOKE.
The class started and 12:30 and I was out by 12:40.
The girl I sit next to told me that she had been studying since Sunday. I had been studying since....11:30 today. She wasn't even half way done when I left. WTF?
[It will be even more hilarious if I get this test back and discovered that have actually failed....hahaha--but that is impossible!]
It was weird, then I got to go to band. I like band a lot.
It's slow going, but I am making friends.


I GET TO SEE THE ALMOST (and Switchfoot) ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am really excited. :)

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