Monday, December 6, 2010


I think I have it figured out. I mean, I still have to meet with my advisor and talk about a few things with him, but I think I have it for the most part.

I am, of course, talking about transferring colleges. It's really all I can think about.

I liked NYU better than USC and Columbia College Chicago (I can't call it CCC because that's just dumb.) because it made it easier to double major in both film and English. However, today, I was discussing it with my mother and she pointed out that I could finish one of my majors and then finish the other at another school. This is a fantastic idea. But it leaves me with a few different things to consider.

If I took my mother's suggestion, I would transfer to Columbia College Chicago because 1) They would accept me--guaranteed. 2) They are a lot closer to home and I could take trains back and forth. And I mean, I've never been on a train, but it sounds awesome. I mean, WHO WOULDN'T want to take a train to college?
Also, I would go to Columbia College Chicago because their film program is the most specialized and hands on (from what I can tell). This originally turned me off to the program because I would not be able to double major in practical literature. I mean, I could major in poetry, but what's the point in that? However, with my literature degree out of the way, I have nothing to worry about (HAHA).

So it looks like I have it all figured out, right? WRONG.

See, Lindenwood is a teacher's college. My English degree is combined with Secondary Education certification. I really like that idea. But that makes my English degree total 50 plus hours. I cannot complete 50 plus hours in three least...not with the decisions I have already made and the information I currently know. I mean, I cannot find out whether or not Lindenwood has a summer session, and I do not know what courses Jeffco will offer this summer.
I just looked at all the bingo sheets for all the English degrees. With what I know right now, I could complete an English degree with and emphasis in Creative Writing in that time. Gah, that's actually the opposite of what I would like, but I'll deal with it. However, I will have to give up my certification I willing take that risk? I dunno...yeah...but I shouldn't....GAH!
And I have to wonder, how hard is it to get certified to teach? I mean, it looks like a summer and semester of work. And I can certified ANYWHERE--I mean, UMSL for Christ's sake. It wouldn't have to be expensive. But...that's risky. I don't like being risky. BUT THAT'S WHAT GOT ME HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! I just don't know.
I'm looking into it now...UMSL has this weird program where if you apply for temporary certification and get a job at a school then you can get certified in 18 hours over the course of two years....hmmm. I could do that.


One final tomorrow.
Nothing Tuesday.
Two finals Wednesday.
Then...nothing...for two months.
I like this.

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