Saturday, December 4, 2010

So Many Things To Think About

Like that whole topic of transferring colleges.
Pros, Cons, Possibilities, Money.
I'm pretty sure I like NYU better than USC, but I'd have to--you know--apply and get accepted before I could really think about it. But it's hard for me to even get to that point!

It's like: Do What's Comfortable OR Do What Works (Maybe)

GAH! How is someone supposed to make that decision right out of high school/at the beginning of college? And why does Money have ruin everything. Someone (Read: Me) could have all these crazy idea and dreams, and would really like to see some of them to actuality, BUT stupid Money has to come in and say, "Because of your financial situation, unless you sign your soul away and possibly go bankrupt, you will have to settle for a second best life." And then Cowardice shows up and says stuff like, "You know, you should probably just settle--I mean, debt is really horrible. And what if your dreams don't come true? It's probably best to be safe and not try." All with a concerned look on his face. Then Guilt shows up and just throws out: "What about your friends and family?"

And it's like: GAME OVER.


Mammy offered to knit me a hat because I saw some while we were antiquing.
I'm still trying to figure out what pattern I want, but I'm definitely excited! Mammy is the best!

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