Wednesday, December 8, 2010


That's right.
I did two productive things today.
1. I went to talk to my advisor about transferring/graduating early.
2. I worked out my course schedule to see how fast I could graduate with a English/Creative Writing (I know...not the best) degree.
And do you know what I found out?
I can graduate in 2012.


I mean, think about that for a second.

I graduated last year and I am going to graduate next year. WITH A COLLEGE DEGREE.


Total of years at LU = 2
Type of degree achieved = 4 year degree

That is HALF the time.

Okay, now, in reality, I am not going to use that degree immediately (if at all) because I am going to transfer (my gen-eds) to Columbia College Chicago and finish/start my film degree. Then I will get a full-time job*.

In the meantime, however, (read: spring break/Christmas break/early May) I will be subbing my ass off. I may even apply for temporary certification to teach summer school.

The point is that I feel REALLY accomplished right now. It's like my time at LU wasn't wasted. It's like I actually accomplished something here. And all the hell I went through in high school was worth it too. It's nice.

*I will probably have a full time job before then--I mean to say a job in my desired field.


Two more finals.
Two months.

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