Monday, December 13, 2010

Look out! Blog Police! Haha!

The Blog Police told me I needed to blog. :)
I was planning on it anyway.


I love the movie Dances With Wolves. It is the only movie that my family can sit down and watch together. I mean, we watch other movies together. Like if we rent a movie to watch or something. But that's one time. My dad has seen this movie at least fifteen times. My mom and I have probably seen it about half that. My brother has seen it twice. It's a three hour movie (the extended edition is over four), but we love it.

And I guess it's probably part of the reason I want to get into film. I grew up watching one of the best movies out there.


I got an A in Philosophy of Religion. I am very pleased! My total GPA for this semester is a 3.83. If they don't let me take more than 18 hours next year, I am going to be pissed.

Why do I want to take more than 18 hours, you ask?
Well, remember my blogpost about graduating in 2012? In theory, I could do it. I could finish all my gen eds and all the major requirements in that time (by doing summer classes at Jeffco). However, LU (along with most universities) don't award a degree to you unless you complete at least 128 hours. No matter how I cut it, I'm 8 hours short.


I know at MSU, they let Sarah Perry take extra hours if she got recommendation letters from former teachers backing up her academic awesomeness. I'm going to talk to my adviser (isn't that "advisor"? Spellcheck is saying that that is incorrect...) about it. I mean, if I have 3.8, I transferred in 31 credits, AND it would be impractical for me to HOLD MYSELF BACK ACADEMICALLY just to satisfy a condition (see what I did there?), then there must be something I can do. I got a five on the AP test for crying out loud. (LU is still really impressed by that.)


My finals are over, but everyone else's are just beginning and it feels really weird.


Mom is a bigger Amanda fan than me. HAHAHA.


I'm bored.

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