Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Awesome Days

I have had two very awesome days.

Day 1: Going with Vishal up to Seckman.

He really is the best guy I know. Well, to be fair, Vishal, Matt, Brett, and Tommy all are amazing guys. I mean, Matt is my oldest friend. Brett is the most random, brilliant kid ever. And everybody knows that Tommy is sweetheart. But the brown kid is pretty freaking awesome.

I talked with Anderson a lot, looked over the yearbook scores (First Class Rating, HELL YEAH), got hugged by Dodson (eww...I mean, that poor woman...but ewwwww), learned SO MUCH about Indian courtship rituals (and consequently, the aforementioned brown kid), and talked with Hub a lot (from 4-6:30). And of course, I saw Colleen, Liz, Micaela, Kathryn, Carly, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Drew, and....Rachel. She was very nice to me. And it was hard to see her, but not see her. Next thing you know, she will be listening to Nickleback. ugh.

Apparently, Vishal was dressed "all emo" (according to Colleen and Matt). Come on. He was wearing a black beanie and slim fit jeans. I thought he looked nice, but whatever.

Also apparently, Caleb Doyle is now an ass. Idiot.

Day 2: Chewing Gum at the Seyer's House

Basically, I got to spend the day with my best friend for the first time all break. That's huge.

I had to chew gum for Caitlyn's science project...that was nice. But it got old really fast. It was still a good time. I dominated at Apples to Apples, saw Despicable Me, and had some great food made by Debbie Seyer. Did I mention I was also with my best friend, Colleen Seyer? I did? Oh, my mistake.

I did, however, feel bad because I left my mom home alone all day. I hate doing that. But like...what can you do? Right? :/

It's nice because tomorrow, I get to do it all over again (part two of science experiment). Can't wait!


Life has been good to be lately.
It would be wrong to want more.
So I won't.

Today anyway.


Big V said...

fyi i was NOT emo. i had a visor beanie. with a PI KAPP shirt on. RIPPED jeans, and SPERRY'S!!!!! the sperry's themselves should give it away. i mean show me ONE emo child that wears sperry's. you won't. i'm slightly under the influence at the moment. BUT, that doesn't mean i can't think. god damn it i looked cute!

Can't Jump For Joy said...

That's what I said! Believe me, I backed you up 100%! You thought you looked cute, I thought you looked cute, but apparently we don't count because you "looked emo." psh. BS to the MAXX.