Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If Not Now, When?

It's really funny how everything is laying out for me right now. Everything is just exploding in my head. I cannot play enough Tetris.*

I'm entirely focused on two different people right now. These people mean the world to me. I cannot stress that enough.


I made a decision a year ago.
It was either limit this immediately in order to be honest, or keep it to myself so we could have the best chance. I understand you are upset that I didn't come clean to you, but you have to see it from my perspective. You have to understand that I was scared. It wasn't because I didn't trust you or love you; it was because I was scared. Please understand.


Sir, I am just going to pretend that we never saw each other. That I never met her. That we never had to say goodbye because we never said hello. It just didn't happen. I didn't let it happen.


*When I play Tetris, I can finally think things through.

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