Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Are Here

I have this really great friend. His name is Vishal. He's messed up. But then again so am I. I helped him through a rough patch, so now he is helping me through a rough patch.

I have this other really great friend - In fact, she is my best friend. Her name is Colleen. She stresses out a lot. But then again so do I. I wrote some stupid things on this stupid blog and now she's not talking to me.

Vishal and Colleen - I think they are friends. They used to be really good friends. But then Vishal and his girlfriend broke up and before that they were fighting and Vishal took it out on Colleen. Colleen got really mad and stopped speaking to Vishal. I also got really mad and yelled at Vishal. Then Vishal skyped me with a Halloween mask on and I realized I couldn't just cut Vishal out of my life. Eventually, Colleen got past the fight she had with Vishal, so when Vishal was trying to make things right with his girlfriend, he tried venting to Colleen. It was really intense venting so Colleen freaked out and said I should talk to Vishal. So I did. And talked and talked and talked. And along the way, I stopped thinking about Colleen. I mean, I thought about her, but then I would talk to Vishal. Vishal got better - not perfect - but better. Then I tried to talk to Colleen, but she was hurt. Hurt that I could forget her, so it didn't go so well. I talked to Vishal more and hung out with him a few times, but I started to wonder about Colleen. Wonder so much, that I started to worry. And that made me blog some stupid things. And now I am here.

I have two really amazing friends. (Who am I kidding: All of my friends are amazing.)

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