Thursday, February 3, 2011

"If she leaves you, she's not worth it. That's exactly what Dannielle and Kristin would say, and you know it. Sometimes people aren't quite what you wish them to be/what you've built them up to be. Sometimes they can't handle quite as much as you'd like to think. Just do what you have to and pray for the best,

or you won't be able to live with yourself."

One of my best friends said this about me and you.

Can you believe it? Me, scared, paranoid, me. I'm supposed to put it all out there and just hope things work out. No plan, no guarantee. I can't hardly read it. But I do. And I know in my heart she is right.

Ma meilleure amie, Colleen, est compatissant, reflechi, tolerant, et drole.

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