Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is it, isn't it?

Congratulations are in order. I am so proud of you.
Do what makes you truly happy. If I am to construct words of farewell, I will.
But please, let them not be final.


Lindentundra needs to not be Lindentundra anymore. I mean, it's okay because I have my guitar now, but not really.


I know now that I just made things worse.
Falling down was so much easier when you were by my side.


Corrections 6:52 pm

Nostalgia Attack.

I am listening to The Classic Crime right now. All of them. Now, most everybody (read: Ashley and maybe Jen) knows that there is some major sound association going on when I listen to The Classic Crime. But this is so much more. The last time I listened to all of The Classic Crime - really listened to all of them - I was helping in summer school, getting ready to start my senior year. Life completely amazes me.

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