Friday, September 3, 2010

Sleep is for the Weak

I am really freaking tired, but I can't sleep until I get tonight out of my system.
So much information to process.


We had our first game tonight. I was pretty stoked until I went to put my uniform on. Someone had taken my pants and replaced them with a smaller pair. I was annoyed. So the majority of the time that I supposed to be getting ready for the game, I was walking around reminding Amanda that I didn't have pants. I also looked for pants. I didn't get any pants until five minutes before we left to the field.

When we get to the field, Pit headed for the stands. We watched pre-game and kept our eyes on the huge black cloud that was approaching. Okay, so it's not like Amanda's conducting is amazing, but it is still better than anything I have ever had the chance to work with. (No offense to any of the former drum majors I have dealt with--you did your best and it was the best I could expect at the time.) Then, about ten minutes into the game, we have to evacuate from the stands due to lighting. The band relocates to this hallway in Hyland and I settle down to get to know my new acquaintances Amanda, Megan, and Robbie better. It was good for the first half hour. Pretty hilarious, actually, but the last hour and half was not fun. Then we got to leave. Yay!

I went to DQ with Ash and Jen afterwards. Kim and Katie J. showed up later. It was nice. Then we when back to the room and I started on my French I am here.


They say you get rid of the rock until you get David.
I say you get rid of the rock until you get You.
Perhaps you are and abstract,
And perhaps now I have to backtrack,
But it will all work out in the end.
I will call you "friend".

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