Monday, September 13, 2010

You are my Joy, You are my Joy, You are my...JOY

*Listening to Seasons of Love and bobbing my head*


Can't, won't, just don't.
To do that again would cheapen all I am.
All I have become.

Can't, won't, just don't.
Let this take me again where I never want to return.
Where I never should have been.

Can't, won't, just don't.
Leave your strong embrace and well lit face.
You will raise me above.

And yet.
This hasn't left.
I immerse myself in you.
And the feeling remains.
I see it clear as day.
What could be in store for me.

Can't, won't, just don't
Can't, won't, just--

What will happen, happen already.


Okay, okay.
Time to do something.


Correction: 8:28

Better not give me grace, because I'll throw it back in your face.
At last the saga ends.

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