Monday, September 27, 2010

Speaking of Cups of Coffee

I finally bought coffee for my coffeemaker. However, I forgot filters, sugar, creamer, and a coffee cup. I am so organized.


You know the activities section on Facebook? I'm thinking of adding "Routinely getting my ass kicked by the French language." I think that is pretty fitting and accurate.


Dear Melissa Etheridge,

I understand that you are a singer/songwriter lesbian, but why, oh why, did you have to write the song Fearless Love? I mean, isn't that TOO typical? It's going to become one of those songs that I hate and love at the same time, but mostly hate simply because it is SO gay. Do you understand my predicament?

Hoping you are well,
Natalie Bridgmon


I see you, I hear you.
But I hate you.
I don't want to.
But I do.


Support and acceptance are nothing if you don't possess the controversial entity.


I'm ready to fall asleep knowing that I will wake up and you will be there, waiting for me outside. I won't have to try to find you. I won't have to guess about your day, I can simply ask. I'm ready to stop working at this and start working at that. At you and I.

This "you" really should be "anyone", but that doesn't read as well.


MyBlueHeaven said...

Nats I thought you said you had filters. And I have about 1,000 coffee cups.

Can't Jump For Joy said...

I do have my house, and I have cups too, but I forgot them all! Haha!